The Art of Compassion


Compassion can be defined quite simply as the ability to recognize, move towards and be with suffering, with an intention to relieve it. Compassion is an action. It has the potential to empower. Whether it is your own suffering or the suffering of another, it is resisting the urge to look away. Instead, it is a’ turning towards’ with an open heart and a deep wish to relieve suffering in a bid to help ourselves and others flourish.

The wonderful news is that research shows that compassion can not only be learned, but it can cultivated through practice and training. This 5 week course is an introduction into the practice of training in compassion.

Who this is for:  It would be beneficial to have some experience of mindfulness/meditation; however, all are welcome.

Dates and Times: Monday evenings from March 25th- April 29th 2019 (5weeks) at 7pm – 8:30pm


About the facilitator:

Jane Negrych is the Program Manager of the Sanctuary and has been teaching mindfulness, compassion and mindfulness teacher training courses with the Mindfulness Association UK throughout the UK and Europe. She has also been teaching the MBLC course to Service Users, Service Providers and family members at the Recovery College in DCU since 2015. She has completed and is an Honorary Teaching Fellow on the MSc: Studies in Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen.