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The Sacred Life of Everything book cover

The Sacred Life of Everything

Filled with images to concentrate your meditations on the beauty of nature and the small grace-filled moments, this is your key to awaken your senses to the wonder of each minute.



I Can Feel My Toes Breathe

A highly engaging introduction for young people to the ideas of Mindful living and the practice of meditation by The Sanctuary



Book of Inspirations

It is simply intended that this little book will bring you into a deeper part of your being.


Awakening inner peace










Awakening Inner Peace

Antidote to the stresses of modern life, providing readers with short but inspiring prayers, poems and biblical quotes they can turn to whenever they need a quiet moment



Finding Peace

New Release – October 2021

In this compilations of writings Sr. Stan poses the question “Where do you find peace in your daily life?” to a wide range of people across Irish society.