The Sanctuary Way: A Way of Being

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The Sanctuary Way: A Place of Community and a Way of Being…

The Sanctuary Way offers a place of welcome for all who would like to learn about, develop and sustain a life- long mindfulness practice.

Through our daily Practice Sessions, our monthly Mindfulness Half Days and our Full Days of Reconnection, the Sanctuary hopes to create a supportive environment and community that helps sustain the practice of mindfulness for all those who would like to live a mindful life.

What is more, the Sanctuary Way is the perfect accompaniment to any of the mindfulness/meditation/yoga courses that are offered at the Sanctuary.

So, whether you are new to mindfulness and meditation or you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner, the Sanctuary welcomes you into its mindfulness community.

Book individual sessions:

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness (3 week)

The Art of Being Still (6 week)

The Art of Compassion (5 week)

Daily Practice Sessions

Mindfulness Half Days

Full Days of Reconnection

Or, why not join our membership?

The Sanctuary Way membership will be launched in the coming weeks- keep an eye out!

The Sanctuary Way Membership includes…

-Three  Daily Practice Sessions a week-Membership Monthly Practice Gathering -The gift of a meditation book or CD upon joining

€30 euro per month Student/OAP/Unwaged €25 per month


Or sign up for 6 months/ 1 year to avail of our annual offer which includes a  6/12 month online course and one   Mindfulness Half Day (6 months) or a Full Day of Reconnection (12 months).

Annual Fee: €270 or   6 Months €150

6 Month: BOOK HERE (TBA)

12 Month: BOOK HERE (TBA)