The Power of Now

The Power of Now & A New Earth – Awakening to your Life’s Purpose

“If we connect with the stillness within, we move beyond our active minds & emotions and discover great depths of lasting peace, contentment & serenity”

This workshop, ‘The Power of Now’, in the Sanctuary is an exploration & experience of all of

Eckhart Tolle’s teachings.

Eckhart says:

“Authentic human power is found by surrendering to the Now – it is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our Authentic Selves and discover that we are already complete & whole”.

The workshop includes powerful, effective practices for inner peace; meditation; group reflections, role-play and silence, all sowing the seeds for radical internal transformation & harmony.  John is particularly skilful at making Eckhart’s work accessible, easy to understand, fun and practical.

Some Feedback from previous participants

“John Doherty’s workshop was both very funny but also deeply thought-provoking and it was wonderful to get to know Eckhart Tolle’s work in sure a light-hearted way.” Jenny

“This was such a fun and entertaining day – the best way to learn and grow! Thanks to John Doherty for a wonderful presentation, spiced with wisdom and humour” Eoin

“Wow – really great experience. Gained some good insights. Really happy fun vibe” Siobhan

“Amazing! that was the best workshop I’ve ever seen on Eckhart Tolle’s work – so visual and interactive and great way to explore the books” David

Saturday, July 6th from 10-4pm: Book on our Online Shop