the Sanctuary Way: Remote Access Online Courses

the Sanctuary Way: Remote Access

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, enhance emotional stability and improve resilience; however, sometimes it can be difficult to find a course or a teacher near you. Whether you are living rurally, are a caregiver with restricted mobility, or would simply like to learn mindfulness from the comfort of your own home, the Sanctuary has a brand new online programme called the Sanctuary Way: Remote Access.

***All of these sessions are delivered via the online platform ‘Zoom’. Once you have booked a session/course, you will be sent a link to access the video conferencing room.

Meditation Sits:

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019: from 7:00-7:45pm  Meditation Sit


Mindfulness Courses:

8 week MBLC (Mindfulness Based Living Course) One of the distinctive qualities of this training is the kindness and compassion practices that are weaved throughout.:

Coming in 2020

More on the MBLC course: Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) is a weekly mindfulness course based on the Mindfulness Association’s Level 1 Mindfulness Training. It is the 8 week mindfulness program that is taught as part of the MSc: Studies in Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen.  One of the distinctive qualities of the MBLC is the kindness and compassion practices that are weaved throughout.

The course consists of eight classes, which are typically two hours long, preceded by an introductory class before the eight week course begins and concluded by follow up class after the eight week course ends.  A day of mindfulness practice is also typically included between weeks 6 and 7.

The weekly themes are:

  • Introductory Session – What is Mindfulness and Why Practice It?
  • Week 1 – Start Where We Are
  • Week 2 – The Body as a Place to Stay Present
  • Week 3 – Introducing Mindfulness Support
  • Week 4 – Working with Distraction
  • Week 5 – Exploring the Undercurrent
  • Week 6 – Attitude of the ObserverDay of Practice
  • Week 7 – Self-acceptance
  • Week 8 – A Mindfulness Based Life
  • Follow Up – The Rest of Your Life

The MBLC is recognised as an eight week course in the UK Good Practice Guidelines and those trained to teach it are eligible to join the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers.