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Community Outreach

An Cuan Programme

An Cuan Programme is designed to break down barriers and make the activities of the Sanctuary available and accessible to adults of all ages and abilities, with a particular emphasis on people who are going through a vulnerable period in their life.

The word An Cuan means harbour in Irish and it represents presence, resilience and stillness.

It is our Mission at the Sanctuary to provide as much support and to spread as much compassion as we can within our community and beyond, reaching everyone and anyone who needs it.

We are delighted to be able to offer you the following free resources: 

Free online meditation sessions
via Zoom three times per week

Reiki Healing weekly session
Thursday at 4:00 pm

Phone calls to people feeling lonely
and in need of some company

The Sanctuary does not want any financial barriers to attending any of our courses and events, so please contact claire@sanctuary.ie to enquire about assistance from our An Cuan fund.

An Cuan Programme Aims

The programme aims to:

  • Target those who may not be able to access other Sanctuary programmes and who are in a vulnerable position or going through a vulnerable period in their life.
  • Be a welcoming place for all, respecting whatever background or situation they may be coming from, without individuals accessing it being labelled or becoming associated with a particular service.
  • Offer a place of stillness to those going through vulnerable periods in their lives.
  • Offer guided meditation and treatments, giving a taste of Sanctuary activities.
  • Be a bridging service for people who are already connected with a service or organisation. ‘An Cuan’ aims to provide participants with new experiences and the opportunity to mix with people outside their own service, from all walks of life.
  • Reduce the sense of institutionalisation for people attending services.
  • The An Cuan Programme is also a bridge to other day and evening programmes in the Sanctuary. People attending are encouraged to continue their contact with the Sanctuary after they move on from their service or finish the programme.