When Thoughts Become Thinking

When Thought Becomes Thinking with Heather Regan Addis

30th May 2020 [ONLINE]
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

This Retreat Day is based on the insight meditation approach as outlined in the book, From Mindfulness to Insight, written by Heather Regan Addis and Choden.

From Heather: During this day of practice, reflection and sharing we will dive into some of the practices from our book ‘From Mindfulness to Insight’. We will explore the process of how thoughts become thinking so that we begin to discern the differences between these two separate but related mental processes. Gradually, it dawns upon us that we are not trying to get rid of thoughts, but sitting back and allowing them freedom to display and liberate. In this way we familiarise ourselves with the unfolding dynamics of our mental processes. Then ‘the seeing is the doing’ and insight arises of its own accord to transform and heal. 

It will be led by Heather Regan Addis.  This online retreat day will provide participants with the opportunity to spend a full day practicing in community. 

It runs from 10am- 4pm via Zoom.


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