Writing Captures The Creative Joy Of Childhood.

Ian Hughes has trained as a scientist, psychotherapist and policy advisor in science and technology. His writing has appeared in Village magazine and online on Psychology Today and Open Democracy. Ahead of his class starting in The Sanctuary later in March he writes about the joy of creative writing.


A piece of creative writing, like a day-dream, is a continuation of, and a substitute for, what was once the play of childhood.

 – Sigmund Freud

In the century since Freud, psychologists have radically changed their views on what it means to be human. Freud’s initial conception of humans as pleasure seeking creatures, possessed by biological drives, has given way to the view that we are essentially relationship seeking beings struggling to express our innate subjectivity in a world which often denies it.

A major source of unhappiness, many psychologists believe, lies less in damned up drives for sex and power than in failures to develop our unique passions and find support for them in the outside world. Life, in this view, is a lifelong process of improvisation between our passions and the limits placed upon them. Happiness and sadness both arise inevitably during this exploration of what is and what is not possible in our lives. In this creative and organic process, happiness comes about when we connect with people and activities which make us come alive.

This course is designed to use writing as a means to explore this idea of happiness. Over six evenings, Write Your Passion will provide a space for you to identify some of the things you are passionate about. It will also allow you to think a little deeper about the life events, people and social context that have helped embed your passions within you. During the course, short writing exercises will focus on the themes of Desire, Awakening, Resilience, Your Tribe, and Joy to help understand why your passions mean so much to you.

The course is suitable for both new and accomplished writers, so if you would like to write about your passions – for reading, for travel, for science, for sport, or whatever else makes you come alive – then come along and join us in Writing Your Passion.

Writing Your Passion With Ian Hughes runs from 29th of March until 3rd May. It costs €150. You can book here.

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