Yoga At The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary has a range of yoga classes starting in the new year. These gentle, mindful courses are led by two experienced Sanctuary facilitators with decades of experience behind them and take place in our gorgeous Library room.



Meet Andrea Boudin

Andrea Boudin completed her first year-long Yoga Alliance approved Ashtanga Yoga teacher training with the Elbowroom, Dublin in 2006.

A two year-long Vinyasa flow style teacher training courses followed and a month live-in yoga teacher training in Bangalore/India.

She is also a qualified pilates instructor. Andrea continues to learn from different teachers and traditions to keep her practice and teachings fresh. She works with students from all walks of life and strives to adapt her classes to the students present, be it a physically demanding, vigorous Asana practice or a mindfulness-based, calming meditation class.

“For me, yoga is a way of life, not a product, and I am reluctant to make promises, to raise expectations, because the yoga journey is different for everybody. If you are curious, if you feel drawn to it, come and try it out for yourself and see if it benefits you.”

Andrea Boudin

Above: Sanctuary yoga facilitator Andrea Boudin in the lotus position.

Meet Riana Walsh

Riana completed a three-year classical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with the Irish Yoga Association, followed by post grad trainings with the IYA, Yoga Therapy Ireland, and an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology.

She has been teaching Yoga for 15 years, sees yoga as a lifetime exploration and combines her passion for yoga, travel, and languages with yoga trainings in Ireland and abroad. Her on-going Anusara yoga studies continue to inspire her experience of yoga as a way of being, of connection with self and the world.

Recent Mindfulness Practitioner Certificate and Compassion Based Living courses with the Mindfulness Association, have deepened her understanding of how mindfulness, yoga and Buddhist teachings are interwoven as life enhancing practices for the everyday.

Her teaching incorporates key themes and concepts from yoga philosophy, and at the heart of this mindful yoga practice is the idea that “yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind”.  So too is the inner and outer lightness and joy experienced when body, heart and mind are in harmony. Awareness of the breath is a constant reference point, enabling a sense of spaciousness and a balanced, grounded connection while we practice yoga as a gentle strength.

Her mindful Hatha yoga class caters for the physical uniqueness of each participant and provides a practice accessible to everybody.

“For me, yoga is a constant exploration, a lifelong adventure, an on-going process, both on and off my yoga mat, every day. It’s a resource which I can access at any time – through my physical asana practice, or breath awareness, or simply sitting, pausing, observing, sensing, experiencing moment by moment, glimpse by glimpse. Yoga is less thinking, more feeling. It’s new outlooks – seeing the world from a warmer, kinder perspective. It’s skilful living and applied wisdom. It’s an open heart, an open mind.”

Riana Walsh

Above: Sanctuary yoga facilitator Riana Walsh

Upcoming Yoga Classes

Starting Wednesday, January 10th at 6pm or 7:30pm

Mindful Yoga Tuesday Evening Class with Andrea Boudin

The course aims to assist you in taking better care of yourself and in getting more out of living. Many people completing the programme report lasting physical and psychological benefits including: An increased ability to relax and experience calm and an increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long term stressful situations.

Price : €75.00 

Book here for 6pm or here for 7:30pm


Starting Friday, January 12th from 10 – 11.20am

Six Week Mindful Yoga Day Time Class with Riana Walsh

With Riana Walsh, this Friday morning yoga course introduces participants to breath awareness practices and the experience of stillness; Yoga postures and sequences are practiced with awareness as we connect mind, body and heart in the present moment; Mindful meditation focuses on breath, sound, thought, sensation, and relaxation is also an integral part of the class. Each class is an hour and a half in duration.

Price : €75.00 

Book online here